Modern Technology Watches – Episode 107 – Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

In this episode of Modern Technology Watches, Gila takes Rob on a journey to Riverdale. Not the dark CW teen drama based on Archie comics, nor the neighborhood in the Bronx; this is the bubbly cinematic Riverdale populated by 2001’s live-action Josie and the Pussycats.

Will this film hit sharps, or flats?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 106 – The Warriors (1979)

There’s a special screening of 1979’s cult dystopian gang-fight film The Warriors on Coney Island, and Rob invites Gila out to play. Can she dig it? Find out on this packed episode of Modern Technology Watches!

Adult content, listener discretion advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 105 – The Tao of Steve (2000)

Gila shows Rob the extremely indie 2000 Sundance-award-winning rom-com The Tao of Steve, which somehow results in our shortest Modern Technology Watches episode to date. We won’t spoil why that is here in the description; you’ll just have to click “play” and take this motorcycle ride with us.

This movie contains adult content, and so does our episode about it. Listener discretion advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 104 – The Goonies (1985)

On this episode of Modern Technology Watches Rob shows Gila 1985’s piratey-wish-fulfillment adventure “The Goonies,” and they discover together whether the old swashes can still be suitably buckled today.

Special shoutout to our pals at A Match Made In Space, a couple-hosted movie podcast which was pretty much the direct inspiration for Modern Technology Watches! They specifically do 1980s movies, and are well worth a listen if you enjoy our show.

Please note: this movie, and therefore this discussion about it, contains a surprising level of adult content for a kids’ movie. Listener discretion advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 103 – Rocketman (2019)

Rob and Gila shake up the Modern Technology Watches format and go to their local cinema to catch a film neither of them has already seen, 2019’s Elton John biopic Rocketman.

Please note: the movie is R-rated, so our discussion of it is adult enough to keep up. Listener discretion advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 102 – The Ten (2007)

In this special Shavuot episode of Modern Technology Watches Gila introduces Rob to the 2007 David Wain film The Ten, an anthology of comedy sketches based on the Ten Commandments.

PLEASE NOTE: This episode recaps an R-rated film involving very adult and probably-offensive subject matter. Listener discretion is advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 101 – Lifeboat (1944)

Today we premiere the second in our range of podcasts.

Modern Technology Watches is an off-the-cuff film-discussion podcast in which Rob and Gila introduce one another to films from their collection. We kick this off with a look at the 1944 Alfred Hitchcock film Lifeboat.

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Modern Technology Breaks – Episode 101

In this premiere episode of Modern Technology Breaks we join Rob and Gila, a pair of nerds from Queens, New York, as they take a tour of the strange new media outlet they’ve found themselves accidentally owning.