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All Modern Technology Podcast Network™ audio productions, and everything else published on, are Free Content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can download, reuse, remix, adapt, broadcast, and republish our content freely with our automatic permission so long as you credit Joyful Firefly, LLC as the material’s creator and (or the exact page of on which the material originally appeared) as the source, and share your version under the same or compatible terms. Licenses for reuse outside of this automatic license may be available, contact us with your queries.

For reuse purposes we recommend you make use of the high-quality lossless FLAC files of our productions available on our page on the Internet Archive, rather than the compressed MP3s from the podcast feeds, as your source material. Here’s more info on our FLAC archives.

Behind the scenes, the Modern Technology Podcast Network is happily powered by Free Software. Among the F/LOSS software used in the production of our podcasts, our site, and associated doodads are:

Some of the libraries and repositories of freely-licensed content we reuse and adapt in the production of our podcasts, our site, and such are:

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