Modern Technology Knows Your Name

Modern Technology Knows Your Name is a podcast about self-chosen names. In this program our own Rob Vincent, a.k.a. Rob T Firefly, takes a deep dive into why some folks decide to use a new name, how they choose what to call themselves, and what being known as that name means to them.

Usernames, handles, nicknames, professional names, formally-changed names that alter our government-issued legal documents or just casually self-applied names, religious names, screennames, assumed names, names based on one’s own conscious decisions, names that take effort to apply.  These are some examples of names we choose for ourselves, and Modern Technology Knows Your Name aims to share the stories behind them.

Have you chosen a name for yourself different from the one you were given as a baby? We would love to share your story about how and why you chose your name on this program! Get in touch.

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Episode 101Released September 10, 2020
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Naming stories: Rob T Firefly / Rob Vincent, Seuss, The Cheshire Catalyst, Kwaunch, FractumSeraph, BicycleMark