Modern Technology Knows Your Name – Episode 101

Welcome to the Modern Technology Podcast’s Network’s latest project, Modern Technology Knows Your Name!

In this program our own Rob Vincent (a.k.a. Rob T Firefly) takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of self-applied names; why folks decide to use a new name, how they choose what to call themselves, and what being known as that name means to them.

In this episode Rob talks about his own fascination with self-applied names, and shares his own handle-selection and name-changing stories. We then share name-selection stories submitted to the program by Seuss, The Cheshire Catalyst, Kwaunch, FractumSeraph, and BicycleMark.

  • Have you selected a name for yourself different from the one you were given as a baby? We want to share your stories about choosing your own name on this program! Get in touch.
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