Modern Technology Watches – Episode 302 – Sneakers (1992)

Rob continues Gila’s Modern Technology Watches hacker-movie education with the 1992 film Sneakers, a techno-classic in which an all-star cast engages in text-mode and heist-mode battles over a magic box of HAX.

Will this be more fun for Gila than her previous forays into cyberpunk standards, or will it prove as incomprehensible as a pile of random Scrabble tiles?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 301 – Keeping the Faith (2000)

Gila christens the third season of Modern Technology Watches by showing Rob Keeping the Faith, a quirky romantic comedy from 2000 about a rabbi, a priest, and the woman they love.

Will the joined forces of Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, and Jenna Elfman count Rob as a new believer? How well does the experience of watching Abrahamic clergy fight over Dharma hold up for Gila?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 213 – Hackers (1995)

Hack the planet! For the second-season finale of Modern Technology Watches Rob finally shows Gila 1995’s Hackers, a film with a firmly argued-about place in the history of the real-life hacker community as well as a firewall-protected place in Rob’s hacker head.

Will the movie win Gila’s heart through cyberspace hijinks, or will she send it to the pool on the roof? Listen along as we cap off a fun second season, and look forward to the next!

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Modern Technology Watches – Episode 212 – Cheaters (2000)

On this testy edition of Modern Technology Watches high school is a real-life game show as Gila shows Rob 2000’s Cheaters, a made-for-cable dramatization of the 1995 Steinmetz Academic Decathlon cheating scandal.

Will Rob accept the results and award medals accordingly, or will Gila get caught reading the answers to the podcast off her shoe? Listen along as they face moral quandaries, 1990s flashbacks, and TV-movie gloom.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 211 – Metropolis (1927)

In the mood for a quiet night in, Rob introduces Gila to Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent scifi drama Metropolis for this episode of Modern Technology Watches.

How will Gila take to such a large dose of iconic German expressionism from between the World Wars? How much delicate explaining will Rob have to do? What’s with all that floppy hair? Listen along as we break some new ground of our own.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 210 – Election (1999)

On this politically-charged episode of Modern Technology Watches Gila takes Rob on a trip down the dark side of high-school fake politics with the 1999 Alexander Payne dark-comedy Election.

Will this movie get Rob’s vote, or will he rebel against it and get expelled from the audience? Listen and tabulate!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 209 – An Adventure in Space and Time (2013)

Modern Technology Watches is celebrating the anniversary of Doctor Who as longtime-Who-fan Rob shows not-very-fannish Gila An Adventure in Space and Time, the 2013 BBC TV docudrama about that series’ creation.

Will Gila dig the looks at 1960s TV production and creative-human drama to be found among the scifi-flavored fanservice, or will Rob need anti-radiation gloves to protect him from the fallout? Join us in the painstakingly-recreated TARDIS control room as we find out!

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Modern Technology Watches – Episode 208 – Bye Bye Birdie (1995)

On this kissable episode of Modern Technology Watches Gila takes Rob to a particularly-strange version of 1958 via the 1995 TV-movie adaptation of hit musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Catchy songs! Intense choreography! Sanitized nostalgia! Tyne Daly! No Paul Lynde! Listen along as we find out how it all comes together.

Modern Technology Breaks – Episode 102

In the long-awaited second episode of our surreal sketch-comedy podcast Modern Technology Breaks the theme of the day is communication, as Rob and Gila continue trying to figure out how to actually run a podcast network without getting distracted while the network’s bizarre program content continues apace.

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Modern Technology Knows Your Name – Episode 102

On this episode of Modern Technology Knows Your Name we speak with Roleplay Retcon podcaster Jensie, variously known as Egobrain and Jensiedactyl, and citizen Anarkat about the stories behind their chosen names.

  • Have you selected a name for yourself different from the one you were given as a baby? Would you like to share your story about naming yourself on this program? Get in touch.
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Modern Technology Watches – Episode 207 – The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother (1975)

Rob’s half of Modern Technology Watches is still stuck in the 1970s as he shows Gila the 1975 spoof The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother.

How does writer/director/star Gene Wilder and his band of Mel Brooks irregulars fare without Mel Brooks? Does this fit within Sherlockian canon? What’s with the Kangaroo Hop? Listen and find out!

Modern Technology Knows Your Name – Episode 101

Welcome to the Modern Technology Podcast’s Network’s latest project, Modern Technology Knows Your Name!

In this program our own Rob Vincent (a.k.a. Rob T Firefly) takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of self-applied names; why folks decide to use a new name, how they choose what to call themselves, and what being known as that name means to them.

In this episode Rob talks about his own fascination with self-applied names, and shares his own handle-selection and name-changing stories. We then share name-selection stories submitted to the program by Seuss, The Cheshire Catalyst, Kwaunch, FractumSeraph, and BicycleMark.

  • Have you selected a name for yourself different from the one you were given as a baby? We want to share your stories about choosing your own name on this program! Get in touch.
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