Modern Technology Breaks

Modern Technology Breaks is a combination scripted/improv surreal sketch-comedy podcast taking place behind the scenes at a mysterious podcast network run from a sub-basement studio in the bizarre end of New York City. Sketchy comedy, parodies of other podcasts, behind-the-scenes bickering, peeks into parallel worlds, and more all come together to make the Modern Technology Podcast Network what it is.

Join station owners Rob and Gila, their grumpily-affable engineer Breslau, and a growing stable of other characters and personalities as they all do their best to get through another episode.

Newcomers to this podcast might like to listen in release order as it does get appreciably serial in nature, but it’s not an absolute requirement. You do you.

Episode Guide & transcripts

Episode 101Released May 3, 2019
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Engineer Breslau gives Rob and Gila the grand tour of the Modern Technology Podcast Network, which they have accidentally come to own.

Starring Rob and Gila with special guest Nicola Rose.

Featured Segments:

  • The Black Ferret – Episode 1
  • Here In Creepy Town
  • Grundy Kipling at City Hall
  • The SEPPO Problem
  • I Finally Saw That Movie
  • The Guy Who Is In Really Weird Jail

Episode 102Released October 1, 2020
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Rob and Gila are trying to run their new podcast network, but obscure grammar gets in the way.

Starring Rob and Gila with special guests Angela Assal and Nicola Rose.

Featured Segments:

  • The Black Ferret – Episode 2
  • Clever Communication
  • Grundy Kipling at the State Capitol
  • Florence Is Alive
  • The Chamber of Commerce President
  • DVD Commentary