Unless specified otherwise, all music used on the Modern Technology Podcast Network is from the brilliant anthology The Final Selection by Torley Wong. Torley, a composer and multimedia artist whose work we’ve followed and admired for very many years, was kind enough to release The Final Selection under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 license, under which we gratefully reuse it in our own Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 work here.

Very happily, despite the description in The Final Selection’s download page surrounding the circumstances of Torley’s then-retirement from music, he has since been able to return to music and he continues to produce wonderful things. You can find more of his work and catch up on what he is up to now at

Modern Technology Knows Your Name

  • The Modern Technology Knows Your Name theme is “IAM” from The Final Selection by Torley Wong.

Modern Technology Watches

  • The Modern Technology Watches theme is “The Promise” from The Final Selection by Torley Wong.

Modern Technology Breaks

Modern Technology Breaks episodes generally use far too many different cuts from The Final Selection to list their tracks out individually in the spoken credits so, with Torley’s approval, here’s the detailed breakdown of what tracks were used at which times in each episode. Times given indicate when the tune started playing in the podcast (minutes:seconds).

  • Modern Technology Breaks – Episode 101
    • 00:12 “First Try” (Our beloved theme music!)
    • 01:47 “Artilies”
    • 05:58 “Artilies”
    • 07:19 “Chill Out”
    • 07:42 “Acid Hop”
    • 12:13 “Falling In Love For The Last Time (It Takes 2)”
    • 12:36 “Cumulus”
    • 14:02 “Chill Out”
    • 16:20 “1 Number”
    • 21:36 “Oblique Breaks”
    • 22:34 “The Measure Of a Chinaman”
    • 23:10 “Ambiet XIII”
    • 25:58 “First Try” (It’s also our closing theme!)