Privacy policy

Here at Modern.Technology (and its production company, Joyful Firefly, LLC) our policy is that you have privacy. We don’t track you, you’re not creating user accounts or signing into anything, we don’t gather or share personally-identifiable information or individually-meaningful technical logs beyond those generally needed for this website to function on a purely technical basis, we don’t accept paid ads of any kind or have any relationship with info-soaking ad companies, and frankly we don’t really care what you’re up to.

Any tracking-type junk on this site would come as part of the embedded audio player hosted by our external podcast hosting provider, Spreaker, which we have enabled on this site for the sake of general user experience but which can be disabled without breaking the rest of the content here or hurting us in any way. Spreaker’s privacy policy can be found here (as well as in the “privacy policy” tab visible in their player) and if you find anything unsatisfactory in it we’d have no problem with you using your choice of adblocking tech to reject Spreaker’s stuff while still being able to enjoy the rest of this website. (We happen to like uBlock Origin for such things.)