Modern Transcripts!

Accessibility of information is something that is very important to us here at the Modern Technology Podcast Network. We realize that although our work is primarily audio-based, there will always be those for whom that is not the most useful data medium.

To best serve everyone we can, we are doing our best to post human-made, human-readable text transcripts of our work. It’s our goal to eventually present all our work in readable as well as listenable formats.

Transcript links for individual episodes will be added to the relevant episode and podcast pages as they become available. You can also check out our new Transcripts page for a consolidated list of all currently-available transcripts.

Transcripts of future episodes will be given priority as they are released, and we are slowly going to be filling in the gaps in our back catalogue as well. Those of you who are interested can contact us with your feedback. You can also let us know which of our past episodes you’d most like to see transcribed so we can queue things up accordingly.

As with all our original content, our transcripts will always be freely-licensed, copyable, and reusable under Creative Commons.

Share and enjoy!