Modern Technology Watches – Episode 205 – But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

Modern Technology Watches cruises back to 1999 as Gila introduces Rob to the cult LGBTQIA+ film But I’m a Cheerleader.

Will this movie make Rob wave his pompoms and cheer, or will he just not like it in that way?

This movie is particularly centered around adult content, and so is our episode about it. Listener discretion advised.

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 204 – A New Leaf (1971)

Modern Technology Watches takes a spin in a broken sportscar back to 1971 as Rob shows Gila the cult Elaine May/Walter Matthau dark comedy romance A New Leaf.

Will Gila be forever fond of it like a frond from a fern, or will she find it ultimately poor?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 203 – Back to the Future Part II (1989)

The future is now (a.k.a. five years ago) at Modern Technology Watches as Rob shows Gila 1989’s Back to the Future Part II. Special guests Jen and Gabe from The Dork Web return as we all skew into some tangents together.

Will Gila enjoy a ride without roads, or will this sequel leave her hanging on a porch swing? Join us and find out!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 202 – Empire Records (1995)

April 8 is Rex Manning Day! Gila celebrates the day 1995’s Empire Records takes place by, oddly enough, selecting 1995’s Empire Records for her April 8 Modern Technology Watches pick.

How will Rob React to this particular combination of twangy 1990s music and angsty 1990s dialogue? Pop this episode into your CD changer and find out!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 201 – Back to the Future (1985)

The second-season premiere of Modern Technology Watches is a Very Special Episode; Rob is showing Gila 1985’s Back to the Future, one of his lifelong favorites, and special guests Jen and Gabe from The Dork Web are joining in for the 88MPH ride.

How will Gila react to being strapped in for Temporal Experiment Number One? Do the film’s 35-year-old takes on 65 years ago hold up? Listen and find out!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 113 – Pitch Perfect (2012)

It’s the first-season finale of Modern Technology Watches, and Gila is capping off our inaugural run with 2012’s a-capella-competition comedy Pitch Perfect.

Will Rob get in-tune with the cinematic approach to structured cover-band battles, or will it all hit a sour note? Listen along and find out!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 112 – Network (1976)

For the first Modern Technology Watches of 2020 Rob connects Gila to 1976’s news-entertainment satire Network.

How will Gila react to this Oscar-winning world of live-televised meltdowns, corporate machination, and human manipulation? Will she count herself among the faithful audience awaiting their prophet, or will she be mad as hell about having to watch?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 111 – Camp (2003)

In this episode of Modern Technology Watches Gila invites Rob on a trip to Camp, a 2003 film about a theatrical Summer camp populated by theatrical characters putting on theatrical productions.

Does the movie speak to Rob, himself an old theatre kid, or is this one closing early?

Modern Technology watches – Episode 110 – Blade Runner (1982)

Rob takes Gila on a Modern Technology Watches trip to the dark and mysterious future of… *checks notes* …November 2019, the futuristic setting of 1982’s cyberpunk film noir Blade Runner.

Will Gila be uplifted like a flying cop car by the cinematic prowess on display, or will the film flop onto its back like a tortoise?

Modern Technology watches – Episode 109 – Some Like It Hot (1959)

Gila and Rob are joined on Modern Technology Watches by special guest Susie “Mother of the Bride” Drazen, who has brought the acclaimed 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot for us to enjoy.

How will a film generally regarded as among the best ever fare on our classy film podcast? Can we handle Marilyn at her best? Sew yourself into your favorite lacy evening gown and join us for the ride!

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 108 – Without Warning (1994)

Gila and Rob proudly present the Modern Technology Watches Halloween Special!

Join them for their annual Halloween viewing of 1994’s fake-news TV movie Without Warning. Mysterious meteorites, slumming real-life news reporters, missing children, and Orson Welles callbacks have never been so much fun.

  • While we advise buying a copy if you can there’s a pretty good chance you can find this movie – in the 90-minute home-video edit and/or the full two-hour original broadcast complete with 1994 commercial breaks and network disclaimers – with this search.
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Modern Technology Watches – Episode 107 – Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

In this episode of Modern Technology Watches, Gila takes Rob on a journey to Riverdale. Not the dark CW teen drama based on Archie comics, nor the neighborhood in the Bronx; this is the bubbly cinematic Riverdale populated by 2001’s live-action Josie and the Pussycats.

Will this film hit sharps, or flats?

Modern Technology Watches – Episode 106 – The Warriors (1979)

There’s a special screening of 1979’s cult dystopian gang-fight film The Warriors on Coney Island, and Rob invites Gila out to play. Can she dig it? Find out on this packed episode of Modern Technology Watches!

Adult content, listener discretion advised.