Modern Technology Watches – Episode Guide

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Please note: the movies we talk about often contain adult language and content, and so do our discussions on this podcast. Listener discretion is advised.

Please also note that every episode features a full recap and discussion of the film featured, so watch anything for which you’re avoiding spoilers before listening to our take on it.

Episode 101
Lifeboat (1944)
Released May 27, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Rob and Gila smash a bottle of something sparkly on their new film podcast by watching the 1944 Alfred Hitchcock film Lifeboat.

Episode 102
The Ten (2007)
Released June 10, 2019Wikipedia entry
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In this special Shavuot episode Gila introduces Rob to the 2007 David Wain film The Ten, an anthology of comedy sketches based on the Ten Commandments.

Episode 103
Rocketman (2019)
Released June 30, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Rob and Gila shake up the format and go to their local cinema to catch a film neither of them has already seen, 2019’s Elton John biopic Rocketman.

Episode 104
Rocketman (2019)
Released August 19, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Rob shows Gila 1985’s piratey-wish-fulfillment adventure The Goonies, and they discover together whether the old swashes can still be suitably buckled today.

Episode 105
The Tao of Steve (2000)
Released August 30, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Gila shows Rob the extremely indie 2000 Sundance-award-winning rom-com The Tao of Steve, which somehow results in our shortest episode to date.

Episode 106
The Tao of Steve (2000)
Released September 24, 2019Wikipedia entry
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There’s a special screening of 1979’s cult dystopian gang-fight film The Warriors on Coney Island, and Rob invites Gila out to play. Can she dig it?

Episode 107
Josie and the Pussycats (2001)
Released October 25, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Gila takes Rob on a journey to Riverdale. Not the dark CW teen drama based on Archie comics, nor the neighborhood in the Bronx; this is the bubbly cinematic Riverdale populated by 2001’s live-action Josie and the Pussycats.

Episode 108
Without Warning (1994)
Released October 30, 2019Wikipedia entry
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The Modern Technology Watches Halloween Special consists of the fallout from Gila and Rob’s joyous annual Halloween viewing of 1994’s fake-news TV movie Without Warning.

Episode 109
Some Like It Hot (1959)
Released November 18, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Gila and Rob are joined on Modern Technology Watches by special guest Susie “Mother of the Bride” Drazen, who has brought the acclaimed 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot for us to enjoy.

Episode 110
Blade Runner (1982)
Released December 4, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Rob takes Gila on a Modern Technology Watches trip to the dark and mysterious future of… *checks notes* …November 2019, the futuristic setting of 1982’s cyberpunk film noir Blade Runner.

Episode 111
Camp (1982)
Released December 23, 2019Wikipedia entry
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Gila, a grownup theatre kid, invites Rob, another grownup theater kid, on a trip to Camp, a 2003 film about a theatrical Summer camp populated by theatre kids putting on theatre.

Episode 112
Camp (1982)
Released January 13, 2020Wikipedia entry
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Rob connects Gila to 1976’s news-entertainment satire Network and its award-winning world of live-televised meltdowns, corporate machination, and human manipulation.

Episode 113
Pitch Perfect (2012)
Released February 13, 2020Wikipedia entry
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Gila caps off our inaugural season with 2012’s a-capella-competition comedy Pitch Perfect, a cinematic celebration of teen warfare via structured cover-band battles.

Episode 201
Back to the Future (1985)
Released March 10, 2020Wikipedia entry
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In a very special second-season premiere Rob introduces Gila to the 1985 classic scifi action comedy Back to the Future, with assistance from BTTF fans and friends of the network Jen and Gabe of The Dork Web.

Episode 202
Empire Records (1995)
Released April 8, 2020Wikipedia entry
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Gila celebrates the day 1995’s Empire Records takes place by, strangely enough, making Rob watch 1995’s Empire Records.